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Some disappointment, but still going strong

May 21, 2012

Well, I did the official measurements yesterday. Shoulders and arms had grown, as well as my legs and chest, but my belly had not shrunk, even though I lost 2 lbs. That kinda blew, as that’s the main thing I want: a flat belly. But I’m only 1 week in, so I’m keepin’ the faith.

The Sunday rest day was nice, although I did a 2 mile walk just to keep the juices flowin’. It was interesting because usually I’d be out of breath after a walk of that distance, but not anymore. I am definitely getting a bit of cardio endurance back.

Monday’s workout was tough! Cardio Strength or something and it was a killer, especially the pushup parts. Odd, because I’ve been lifting weights and my shoulder muscles are strong, but the pushpin position just kills them. They get painful to the point I have to stop. That and being completely out of breath! I look forward to the day when I can do all the exercises on these DVDs all the way through, from start to finish and at the same intensity as the people on screen.

For now though, I slog with the masses. But who doesn’t love that feeling after you’re done that you’ve just wrung yourself out? The sweat is drippin’ off of you, your chest is heavin’ and you think “YES, *this* is what I want!” So far, motivation hasn’t been a problem at all. All I gotta do for that is to take my shirt off and that’s motivation a-plenty right there.

19 days to Vegas now. Obviously there’s not going to be a crazy transformation. But we’ll see if we can whittle it down some. I wish I had taken a “before” photo. I guess I can still do that since I’m only one week in and this is an 8 week program. Looking good for Vegas will be nice, but looking good for September… ah, now there’s the real prize!


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