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2nd Fit Test

May 29, 2012

Well, I’ve completed 2 weeks of the Insanity workout and it was time to do my second Fit Test and compare the results with my initial Fit Test when I started this program. After doing it, all I can say is “Wow!” The improvement is pretty amazing. I doubled my reps for a lot of the exercises. I can’t wait to see what Fit Test 3 brings me!

Here are my results, compared against my initial Fit Test:

Switch Kicks
1st test: 30
2nd test: 62

Power Jacks
1st test: 23
2nd test: 40

Power Knees
1st test: 55
2nd test: 59

Power Jumps
1st test: 18
2nd test: 26

Globe Jumps
1st test: 0 (I was too tired to do any!)
2nd test: 8

Suicide Jumps
1st test: 6
2nd test: 13

Push-up Jacks
1st test: 10
2nd test: 18

Low Plank Oblique
1st test: 16
2nd test: 31


Look at that improvement! It really is pretty cool to see such concrete proof that all this work I’ve put into this is paying off. I’m still waiting to see it in my body… it’s not as readily apparent as these results. I wish my belly were half the size it was two weeks ago, for example! πŸ™‚ But I know that it’s a gradual thing and muscle is growing underneath that fat and eventually that fat will melt away.

12 days until Vegas now, but look at what I’ve done in 14 days! I’ll be twice as in shape by the time Vegas rolls around as I am today. And for September… well, let’s just say that I think she’s gonna be well-pleased with my appearance. πŸ˜€


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  1. ginge82 permalink

    Well done! I’m on day 9 and looking forward to my 2nd fit test – who knew!
    Love reading everyone’s blogs for some encouragement! (

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