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Long time, no post!

July 13, 2012

First time in a long time that I’ve made a post on my Insanity workout progress. Let’s just say that there were a few roadblocks.

Last time I posted (about a month ago), I was almost done with Week 4 and heading into my recovery week. I thought I would be able to keep exactly to the Insanity schedule, but that all went to shit when I went to Vegas for three days for a friend’s birthday. Needless to say, being drunk really kills any motivation (or ability) to work out. Additionally, a bum ankle (the one I broke last year) hobbled me to the point where I was forced to take two weeks off in order for it to heal. Then I got sick!

Thousands of excuses later(!), I finally was able to start my Recovery Week videos on July 2nd. The workouts themselves were pretty easy overall, although that first day was tough after being off for 3 weeks! This Monday, I did my third Fit Test and, while the gains weren’t as dramatic as between Fit Tests #1 and #2, they were still significant (results at bottom).

Then it was on to the Week 6 workouts, all of which have the word “Max” in them, a hint of what hell is to come. And, oh boy, that ain’t no joke! These new workouts are KILLER. I’m stopping all the time because either I’m out of breath or my muscles are cashed out. I can definitely see how these workouts will remain challenging for the next 4 weeks that I have left in Insanity (well, 3 weeks I guess, since Week 6 is nearly in the books).

But I’ll tell you what: Insanity fucking works. Sorry for the foul language, but mother of god, Insanity ain’t no joke! You’re pushed way beyond where you’d be able to push yourself and the results are pretty amazing. I look at myself in the mirror now and I can SEE that my body is changing. That spare tire is gradually disappearing, the stomach pulling in, the shoulders are nicely shaped, the chest getting that *fit* look that I’ve always wanted but never had (even when I was lifting weights, my chest didn’t look this good). Results like this only push me to continue on to complete the program which I will try to do, barring injury. I pulled a muscle in my back on Tuesday, but I just kept right on going, so you can see my dedication. I also had a pinched nerve in my neck over the weekend from sleeping wrong (you’d think I’d have it down after 41 years!), but that hasn’t stopped me either. As long as my ankles hold up, I’m in this to win this!

Hopefully, my story will inspire others to take the Insanity challenge, because it WILL help you if you do the work.


Switch Kicks
FT1: 30
FT2: 62
FT3: 65

Power Jacks
FT1: 23
FT2: 40
FT3: 47

Power Knees
FT1: 55
FT2: 59
FT3: 66

Power Jumps
FT1: 18
FT2: 26
FT3: 30

Globe Jumps
FT1: 0
FT2: 8
FT3: 10

Suicide Jumps
FT1: 6
FT2: 13
FT3: 14

Push-up Jacks
FT1: 10
FT2: 18
FT3: 22

Low Plank Oblique
FT1: 16
FT2: 31
FT3: 42


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