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Let’s see if this works

June 3, 2015

I’m attempting to acquire a set of custom-made clay poker chips. Clay chips are the height of quality when it comes to poker chips in poker, just as Kem plastic cards are for playing cards. Once you play with real clay chips, it will be hard for you to go back to the all-too-common plastic and composite chips that dominate the poker tables (because they’re cheap to produce and buy!).

Yes, clay has many advantages, but that also means that they’re expensive. I’m buying 560 chips, with an average chip price of $1.59 each. Obviously, you pay for quality! The good thing about clay chips is that they should last you a lifetime (assuming you store them properly when not in use and you don’t let the baby anywhere near them!). I may buy more in the future to supplement my set (I’m only buying 4 denominations: $1, $5, $25, and $100), but for right now, this will form the basis of my cash game chip collection for years to come.

Here are the designs for the chips I will be ordering soon (ignore the inlays for now, as I will hire an artist to professionally design them because my art skills are near zero!):

My custom clay chip design (before the artist designs the real inlay)

My custom clay chip design (before the artist designs the real inlay)

Certainly the design of these chips is not exactly exotic. I’m a fairly conservative person and splashy colors don’t do it for me. I like cool colors, deep and rich blacks, blues and reds. I believe I did a pretty good job of tying the chips together with common colors/shades. Only the black chip is markedly different than the other chips, but I think that’s okay because a hundred dollar chip SHOULD BE different form all the rest!

Below was my original design for the chips. Obviously there are a lot more colors in this initial attempt, but I found out that was not the way to go when the quote from the website said $1,700 for the chip set. No, thank you!

My original design idea for my clay chips, but was too expensive

My original design idea for my clay chips, but was too expensive

I’ll post some more pictures once the artist finishes the inlays, and then of course after the chips are manufactured and actually arrive. Can’t wait to play my first game with these babies!


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