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Online poker, where have you gone?

June 3, 2015

I’ve been jonesing to play some poker lately, but don’t really have the time or the accumulated permission slips to head off to a game. Having a 6-month old child and being married can really cramp your lifestyle sometimes! 😉

Of course, back in the day, if I wanted a little poker action here and there, all I had to do was to login online and play to my heart’s content. Those were the days!! I usually don’t look back and get overcome with nostalgia, but that was truly a blessed time! Sure, I suffered more bad beats online than live, but convenience rules all and I miss being able to join a game no matter what hour of the night it was.

I’ll get a slight salve for my fix when I host a cash game at my house later this month. Unfortunately, my crew are pretty much all solid players, with some of them easily good enough to be professionals if they so chose. I doubt if I will be able to make much money off of them, especially since I haven’t played in over a year and not regularly for at least 3 years.

Now that I have no time to myself, I wonder what it was I did with all that free time back when I *did* have it?! Why didn’t I read more poker books, go to the casino more often, work on my game 24/7? I love poker, but for some reason I got stuck in a rut of playing against my friends and other very good players at my place of work (a tech company just chock-ful of VERY smart people). I wish I would have been smarter than that and realized that I needed to be playing more against weak players, in the local casinos and especially in Vegas.

Ah well, maybe in my later years I’ll get to play more of the greatest of games!


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