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Final chip design and… ordered!

June 5, 2015

I got some solid advice for the guys on At first I was resistant to their advice that I move away from an all-dark chip set and instead intersperse some lighter shades of colors in the denominations. But then I realized that they were right and it was better to have the players in my game be able to EASILY distinguish chips from across the table and nothing aided that more than having a lighter/darker mix of chips. I also simplified some of the designs to keep the costs down and added a .25 cent chip so that I can host a smaller .25/.50 game in the future.

My final chip design

My final chip design

I think this is a sick-looking set and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. The .25 cent, $5, and $100 all incorporate a bit of red, while the $1 and $25 are clearly delineated with classic blue and green colors for those chip values.I don’t think anyone will ever mistake one chip for the other.

I’m ordering a lot of chips, 740 total (210 .25c, 210 $1, 220 $5, 50 $25, and 50 $100). This distribution will allow me to seed the starting stacks with a lot of smaller chips so that players are able to have large stacks of chips from the get-go. I always appreciated having plenty of chips to throw around. With this amount of chips, I’ll be able to easily hold a full 10-person cash game, but not a tournament or a 20-handed cash game. Perhaps if I have more money to burn in the future I’ll add more chips and denominations to enable those types of games.

The chips themselves will cost about $1,100. I’m also hiring an artist to do the inlay work (the sticker with the picture in the middle of the poker chip). I simply do not have the graphical skills to get something together that’s even halfway competent-looking. I’m excited to see what my chips look like with the actual layouts they will use!

Unfortunately, the manufacturing process for real clay chips is laborious and time-consuming. Therefore, I’ll probably be lucky to see these chips before October. But hopefully they come in sooner. For the time being, I’ll just use my tournament chip set as I’ve always done before. Just need to figure a way to clean the accumulated goo off them before the game. Goo Gone, will you work?


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