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Something other than poker

August 26, 2015

Ok, I admit, I’ve been poker-obsessed lately. I’ve had a lot of fun getting back into the poker world, playing, making some money (ok, not much!). Can’t wait to put my game to the test in the casino and see if my good streak continues. HOWEVER, there is an entire world out there that doesn’t revolve around poker. And one of those things is the travesty that was perpetuated on the Hugo Awards last weekend.

I’m not going to go into the whole issue here, the various sides, the arguments and accusations, but safe to say if you know anything about #GamerGate, you will grok what the battle is about.

On one side, we have the SJW (Social Justice Warriors) who can basically be equated with liberal political philosophy, with a heavy emphasis on encouraging minority and gay authors and stories to be considered and rewarded, sometimes, I would say, at the expense of actual merit. Opposing them are the #SadPuppies, who named themselves as a joke on their “overly emotional” opponents.

Anyways, the SadPuppies used the Hugo Awards nomination process to “stuff the ballot box” so that their preferred list of works were the only ones available for consideration for Hugo Awards this year. Everything was done within the rules, but obviously the SJWs were none too pleased by this, as their set of preferred works, which had been winning regularly in past years, were largely excluded. For myself, I don’t agree with the tactic of ballot-stuffing, but I understand why the puppies did it: the leftists who were running the Hugo Awards had been doing just that for years (even creating a second editor award just so that one of their members could win it!). What the puppies did was wrong, but the SJWs were doing it first, a fact which is acknowledged by no one in the SJW camp.

Anywho, the SJWs united in their anger and decided to vote “No winner” for any category where the puppies had been able to get their preferred works on the ballot, leading to an unprecedented six categories having no award given out. This was obviously done out of spite and to defeat the puppies, no matter what the actual quality of the works nominated (however they were nominated). Some SJWs even bragged about how they hadn’t read any of the nominees and instead were voting purely in an anti-puppy manner.

I don’t cotton to this sort of behavior. The SJWs could have just read the books in question, then picked the best one, but they instead chose to make their votes based on politics alone. Disgusting.

There is another faction of puppies, called the #RadicalPuppies (or #MadPuppies). This faction is led by Vox Day (pseudonym for Theodore Beale), who has some quixotic opinions on race, culture, and gender, but who is none the less a very smart and very popular sci-fi author/publisher. He is the one who has been the loudest and the most non-compromising voice on this issue. The SadPuppies even tried to distance themselves a bit from Vox, as he was seen as a bit toxic because of his racial beliefs (he believes that whites are superior to blacks and other races in intelligence. Of course, he also believes that East Asians are superior to *whites*, so “racist” seems an odd charge). SadPuppies tried to be rational and negotiate with the SJWs. The SJWs, in turn, slapped them in the face by ensuring no one would win Hugos in six categories, even cheering the no votes at the World Con convention (how odd to cheer NOT giving someone an award).

Needless to say, seeing this BS and the triumphal way the SJWs are celebrating their “victory”, I have been building up a big ball of fury that must be unleashed. I have decided that the SadPuppies were simply too nice and too accommodating to the SJW enemy, which wasn’t interested in compromise anyways, only surrender. I will now be joining the mad dogs of the #RadicalPuppies, hoping to put my mark on World Con 2016 (being held in Kansas City) and put my boot up the rear of every SJW I meet (metaphorically, of course!).

I have unleashed the dogs of war and they are very, very hungry!


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