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The tide has turned

November 18, 2015

Well, 17 days into my new diet and, voila, the scale revealed the number 206.6 to me today. That’s 9 pounds lost from my starting weight! The McDonald’s Diet definitely works!

Besides the diet, I’ve incorporated running every other day into my routine. I’m only running about a half-a-mile though, with another half-mile of walking tacked on. I plan to increase that as my lungs get in better shape, but it’s a start!

The diet hasn’t been too difficult to stick to. Sometimes I do get cravings and I generally am able to satisfy them by allowing myself a little bit of the craving in question and cutting that calorie contribution out of my diet by foregoing some other item. The routine of a “Egg McMuffin” in the morning, “Quarter-pounder” and potato at lunch, then a chicken taco at dinner has not really varied much. I did add cereal as an additional breakfast food, because I noticed that I was low on some vitamins and minerals with my diet and cereal is good about being fairly comprehensive when it comes to nutritional value.

I’ve also allowed myself to drink coffee on those days that I really need it. I’ve adjusted though by halving the amount of sugar I put in my coffee, thus saving half the calories it would normally cost me. I also try to limit it to one cup a day, which I have been successful at.

All in all, I’d say I’m happy with the diet, happy with my progress, and I can already see the difference in my face and body as the pounds melt away. Should you try the McDonald’s Diet? You bet your ass you should!


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