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The 2016 Iowa Caucus

January 30, 2016

In 3 days, the first votes will be cast in the nomination process of the 2016 presidential election. In the Republican race, which is really the only race I’m interested in, Donald Trump continues his insane campaign to be Wrestler-in-Chief of our new Idiocracy, holding a solid lead in all the polls. Ted “Crazed” Cruz sits in 2nd, a plastic, soulless bird of a man who seemingly has no center, even though he passes himself off as the “consistent conservative”. My choice, Marco Rubio, sits in 3rd, though with some indications of momentum upwards as of late. Rubio’s not the perfect candidate, but he’s young, smart, and driven. You could do worse than that, America (and we have!).

Trump is everything that’s wrong with America, shallow, empty-headed, ignorant, crass, showbiz-obsessed, divisive. If Iowa chooses Trump, a lot of people are saying that the race is over, but I think it’s a bit premature to close the gates on this race. Trump has led for months now, but he’s never been able to get out of the high 20’s to low 30’s percent support range. What this means is that, though he may have a plurality of the votes, he doesn’t have a majority. Only 1 out of 3 Republicans are supporting him. Once the party decides on an “alternative to Trump”, the natural order of soberness among the Republican party should reassert itself. I think that alternative will be Marco Rubio, but he has to perform in order for this to happen.

So far he’s done well in the debates, winning most of them and getting attention for his command of the facts and his inspiring words. But he’s no Reagan when it comes to debate performances. He can be rushed, he can seem over-polished, he can be almost shrill in his “THIS IS IMPORTANT, LISTEN TO ME” urgency. And he doesn’t use his sense of humor, which is pretty good, nearly as much as he could. Still, he’s gained attention as a likely choice for the alt-Trump candidate and hopefully that will come to pass.

However this election turns out, the process, and especially the Trump phenomena, have made me lose a lot of faith in the Republican party in particular and the American people in general. How can anyone think that an obvious egomaniac, narcissistic blowhard like Trump would be of any good to the party or the country? There is a lack of intelligence being displayed here, a lack of understanding the signs of a demagogue, a lack of understanding the dangers of tyranny and the preciousness of our constitutional republic. The only thing I can do is to ensure my children are informed, patriotic citizens who are committed to democracy and capitalism and will fight against anyone who wants to take those things away from the country (like commie Bernie Sanders, for example!).

So what will Monday evening bring to us? Rubio’s floor is 3rd place, which I would be fine with. However, I’m hopeful that he can move further up in the ranks. A 1st place finish may not be realistic (although Trump’s not supposed to have a good ground game), but 2nd is very possible. If we were able to do that, Cruz would probably be knocked out and Rubio would immediately become the anti-Trump candidate. Best case, of course, is just to win it all!



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