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Closer to Fulfillment

July 28, 2016

It’s late July and I’m a little more than a month away from being able to buy a turntable. Of course, I could buy it now, but I’ve been trying to be a good boy and buy things with actual CASH THAT I HAVE rather than credit. Tough life, I know!

The reason I’m buying a turntable is because I’ve recently had an epiphany that I had allowed music-listening to take a smaller role in my life. I have an IPod (an ancient one, which I believe I bought in 2004!) and I use that as my car stereo. I also have a digital library courtesy of Amazon and that reflects my shift to digital a decade ago (initially I was an ITunes man, but my account got hacked and I was unimpressed by Apple’s response or commitment to security). From the 80’s/90’s, I have over 300 CDs (with currently no way to play them!), as I too was a willing “victim” of the CD revolution. I have no LPs remaining from my teen-aged years, which was the only time I was ever in the market for vinyl.

Of course, technically, I don’t have to “go vinyl”. I could just buy myself a CD player (which I’m also actually going to buy!) and be done with it. But I’m buying a record player because I’ve been convinced by the arguments of those who claim that the LP is an essential and a unique way to experience the music one loves. From the large, LP album cover art, to the inserts, the lyric sheets, the ritual of placing the needle on the record, the changing from Side A to Side B, the inconvenience of skipping tracks (so you’re almost FORCED to listen to the *entire* album), and the greater longevity of vinyl (yeah, plastic CDs will probably “last” as long as vinyl, but there’s no guarantee that PLAYERS will continue to be made for CDs once they’re regulated to the dustbin of history, as 8-track and Betamax have been).

In addition to all of these factors, I want to be more deliberate in my music listening. Instead of putting my IPod or Amazon player on Shuffle and just listening to a bunch of different songs from various artists, I want to listen to ALBUMS, as a whole and in their entirety. This is a *different* experience from the way I’ve been listening to music for the last 12 years and I miss it.

More than anything though, getting a turntable and associated amplifier and stand-up speakers will allow me to put my music right in the middle of my living room, instead of being on my IPod in the car or on my computer in the den. Music will once again take its central place in my life. And I think it’s important, because I’ve come to realize that listening to music is MY way of relaxing, my way of getting that little psychological charge that you need every now and again. I made a mistake allowing myself to get to the point where I couldn’t even play most of my physical music collection. Time to fix that.


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